Custom Clothing and T-Shirts for Teams
& Businesses in Houlton, Maine

JEI Signs & Custom Graphics Creates Custom T-Shirts for Local Teams

JEI Signs & Custom Graphics offers custom clothing in Houlton, Maine. Youth and adult sports teams in Maine have many things that separate them and establish rivalries. One of the major factors in building these competitive rivalries is the team colors and logos. JEI Signs & Custom Graphics in Houlton has provided local teams with jerseys and custom t-shirts since 2006. We give teams clothing they can take pride in.

Our custom t-shirts can utilize professional digital printing or embroidery based on our clients’ specifications. We can include all of the lettering and custom designs you require. For more information on custom t-shirts for teams near Houlton, Maine, give JEI Signs & Custom Graphics a call today at (207) 532-1577.

For a list of clothing items we carry, please click here. Pricing does not include embellishments.

Embroidery for Custom Clothing in the Houlton, Maine, Area

Individuals in the Houlton, Maine, area take great pride in the clothing they wear. They will go to great lengths to make family, friends, and passersby aware of their allegiance. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing and customizing clothing from the local embroidery professionals. JEI Signs & Custom Graphics allows individuals and businesses to make custom t-shirts for sale, personal use, or potential marketing. Businesses in Houlton and surrounding areas can get these custom t-shirts and other embroidered clothing at the best prices in the area. Talk to the team at JEI Signs & Custom Graphics today for custom t-shirt and clothing embroidery for gifts, personal use, or commercial success.

Customize Clothing Online with JEI Signs & Custom Graphics in Houlton

The professionals at JEI Signs & Custom Graphics provide the widest varieties of designs for clothing, including custom t-shirts, in the Houlton, Maine, area. Our clients can choose from an unlimited number of colors and work with our team for custom designs. Customers can receive the kind of lettering and embroidery style they specifically would like. Whether serving individuals, business owners, or team managers, our experts can provide custom clothing at the best prices in the area. Call us to inquire about these and any of our other services, including embroidery and digital printing. Click here to design your own custom t-shirts or other embroidered clothing online.

Trust JEI Signs & Custom Graphics for custom clothing in Houlton, Maine.

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